Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

The department trains specialists (bachelor, master) in the specialtiy of 163 – biomedical engineering, specialties – biomedical engineering, information technologies in biomedicine. The department trains doctors of philosophy and doctors, in the specialty 05.11.17-biological and medical devices and systems.

Students, graduate students and staff in educational and scientific work use unique hardware and software for biomedical purposes. The base of the department is the Regional Clinical Hospital, the Institute of Medical Radiology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics, Prosthesis and Rehabilitation,Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology named after Prof. M.Sitenko AMS of Ukraine, Plant of X-ray equipment “Kvant”.They provide the study of modern medical devices and systems of the world’s leading companies – Siemens, General Electrics, Varian, Philips, AGFA. The branch of the department in the Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics, Prosthesis Building and Restoration of Work Ability provides equipment of its own production, which is used for the rehabilitation of disabled people.

In recent years, cooperation with organizations and academic institutions of the China, Poland, Germany and the has become closer, international program ERASMUS +, DAAD, TEMPUS from students, post graduate students, lecturer.

Due to international scientific grants, the research laboratories of the department received equipment that ensures the expansion of the range of scientific research and improvement of the training of highly qualified teaching staff.

One of the main activities of the department is fundamental and applied research development of new electronic devices and system, nanotechnology, pharmacology, public health protected and ecology.

Scientific directions of the department of BMI

  • Research in the field of electrochemiluminescence and nanophotonics
  • Research in the field of microprocessor and microcontroller systems
  • Research in medical imaging and signal processing
  • Research in the development of hardware and software neurosurgical systems
  • Research in information technology in medicine
  • Research in mathematical modeling and instrument making in medicine
  • Research in the field of biomedical systems
  • Research on optimizing the creation of digital-to-analog devices
  • Research in the field of formation and analysis of acoustic fields of natural and man-made origin

Brief Description of the Biomedical Engineering Education Program:

in the process of training, students learn the principles of medical technology maintenance, development, production, operation, maintenance and repair, certification and information processing in practical health care and various fields of medical and biological research.

Students also study current trends in the development of medical instrumentation; mechanisms, methods and means of designing, developing and operating medical and technical equipment, biological and technical apparatuses and systems, including apparatuses and systems for replacing lost organs and functions of the human body; methods and means of controlling technological processes in the development, manufacture and operation of biotechnological equipment for the needs of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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