The scientists of the department, Professor Oleg Avrunin and senior lecturer Maxim Timkovich, together with colleagues from KhNURE, Kharkiv National Medical University and Kremenchug National University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky, published a monograph “Computer planning of minimally invasive interventions in ophthalmology and neurosurgery” with a team of authors consisting of O. G. Avrunina, D.V. Kukharenko, V.A. Pyatikopa, V.V. Sements, M.Yu. Timkovich, V.A. Filatov.

The monograph proposes biomedical technologies and methods of trajectory computer planning of neurosurgical interventions in stereotaxic operations on deep structures of the human brain and approaches to functional minimally invasive interventions in the correction of diseases of the human oculomotor apparatus. In partnership with medical institutions, it became possible to substantiate the practical use of modern biotechnical systems and intelligent technologies in solving problems of virtual modeling and computer planning of surgical interventions.

This publication is the development of the scientific schools of our professors in the use of intelligent technologies in the planning of surgical interventions.

The publication is available on the website of the publishing house KNURE

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